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What Makes Pinnacle Vodka So Good

Pinnacle Vodka

With over 40 Pinnacle Vodka flavors to choose from, there are at least 40 different reasons for it being So Good.

Add to that the fact that in 2013, it felled over 100 other vodkas to win the highly esteemed Vodka Trophy, and many other prestigious awards. Without doubt you can be assured that choosing a bottle of Pinnacle Vodka from one of over 30 flavor variations that are available at Quality Liquor Store, you are buying a vodka of impeccable pedigree.

With all that said, you'd expect these bottles to carry a hefty price-tag. However, Quality Liquor Store have these at $9.99 for a full 750ml bottle. You would be forgiven for thinking, surely they have made a mistake? However, the price is correct, and, what's more, those of you who prefer to shop online will find that the in-store price is matched online too.


in their crystal ice blue bottles upon the shelves how to decide which to choose? With an A-Z menu that begins with Atomic Hot, with its sweet hot cinnamon and savory clove tones, and finishes Whipped Orange; whether you have hankering for something a little fruity, sherbet sweet, peppermint fresh or something in between, there's a Pinnacle Vodka as ready to play as you are. At that price, why just have one?

What makes it so good is that this French fine wheat grain spirit is distilled five times producing a smooth, clean and crisp taste leaving you in no doubt as to why it has such an outstanding reputation and has won so many awards.

Drink it neat, or mix it up. When all’s said and done, whatever the occasion, and whatever your taste-buds are craving, when you are drinking vodka this good, however you call the shots, you will be in 7th heaven.

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