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How does Stone Brewing do what they do? Part 1


Stone Brewing Craft Beer

In short, Stone Brewing does it through their sincere and genuine passion for beer. A can-do, or all nothing attitude. But just knowing that they are beer enthusiasts doesn't tell you their amazing story. Once you know this, you begin to understand why everything shaped by their hands is honest-to-goodness, and of downright impeccable quality.

Let’s begin by winding back the clock………The company founders, Steve and Greg met first through their appreciation for music. They kept tripping over one another (literally) at beer festivals and immersive ale events, discovering another shared passion; beer brewing.

Conversing long into the night as they supped, other shared principles, common goals and ideals were disclosed that they found were in perfect harmony. Time and again, they didn't just hear a familiar tune, they found that they were singing the exact same song.

Deciding on a duet, in 1996 they became the pioneers of Craft Beer making in San Diego, founding their company with a loud and proud promise to brew ‘nothing but the highest quality, uncompromising beers imaginable’ They’ve delivered on that promise. And then some.

Although still a microbrewery, within ten years they’d outgrown their original HQ, relocating to a custom-built facility. They've brought us precious gems such flagship beer, Stone Pale Ale, as well as diamonds in the rough like Arrogant Bastard and Unabashed Arrogance.

Stone Brewing Co. continues to evolve. They're totally unafraid to charter new territory. Twisting and turning concocting robust, characterful, flavorful beers that enthrall and surprise. And always; always, with staggeringly gorgeous results.

Their range includes year-round brews; well-known like Stone Ruination IPA, Stone India Pale Ale, and many others. These are interspersed periodically by special releases like the incredible Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean, or with Chipotle Peppers, or Stone Vertical Epic…the list goes on, a triumphant symphony with never a bum-note.

We're BIG fans & We salute you Stone.

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