Pendleton Midnight Whisky 750ml


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Pendleton Midnight Blended Canadian Whisky

The Pendleton Midnight Whisky is a blend of the Canadian spirit with an American spin. The whisky is aged in Canada and matured in American Brandy barrels to create a unique taste missing in most blended spirits. On the palate it feels smooth with a sweet, buttery feel while the finish features an underwhelming trifle short that has a taste of dried fruit, coconut sap and tropical mango.

Musky notes of leather with warm cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and a trace of ginger.

Full, well-balanced oak is paired with hints of coffee cake, nuts, caramelized bananas and candied figs.

A full-bodied and satiating finish with a lingering smolder of spices, pecans and walnuts.