Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 750ml


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Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon Whiskey

Take your bourbon game up a notch with the smooth, sumptuous experience of Elijah Craig Barrel Proof!

High in proof but bold in flavor, this unique drink is bursting with finesse. Each glass boasts a nose of deep oak and maple coupled with an earthy palate defined by heat and oak with a finishing touch of caramel sweetness and succulent fruit. From sipping to mixing, it's always the right time for a glass of this limited edition liquor.

Deep amber

Caramel with toasted oak, fruit notes
of apple and orange

Rich vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch
along with spices of black pepper &
cinnamon at the back of the palate

Nicely layered showcasing all flavors,
fades slowly then lingers as it cools

Varies with each batch;
past batches have ranged
from 128.0 to 140.2 proof