What To Consider When Buying Liquor As A Gift

What To Consider When Buying Liquor As A Gift

Gifting made easy — our liquor bundles are a surefire hit

Gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and surprises, and we know sometimes it can be tricky to find the perfect gift — especially if the lucky person already has everything. For a unique gift that is always a crowd-pleaser, consider a fine bottle of alcohol — especially if the liquor is the receiver’s favorite tipple. But if you’re going to gift liquor, forget the ordinary and select something truly memorable.

If you’re struggling for ideas, try our liquor bundles that feature epic combinations of spirits that are sure to hit the sweet spot. From smooth, robust tequila with hints of vanilla to bottles of whiskey and well-aged bourbon, our liquor bundle deals take the guesswork out of gifting while still being easy on the wallet. If you need instant inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind when giving alcohol as a present.

What to consider when gifting alcohol

  • Gauge their palate
    Turn yourself into a private investigator and research your recipient’s alcohol tastes. Inspect their home bar or remember the name of their favorite drink and order it the first chance you get. If you’re unable to uncover their alcohol preferences, choose a bottle with an intriguing story or a tipple they’ve been curious to try but were too scared to pull the trigger — a thoughtful sentiment that won’t go unnoticed.
  • Research
    Searching for an alcohol gift is the perfect time to unearth rare treasures that might eventually become their new favorite. Explore the vast range at Quality Liquor Store and contact our team for any recommendations — rare finds are waiting to be discovered.

    If you’re shopping online, you can’t go past our liquor bundles — we’ve created convenient pairings that make gifting hassle-free. You can also read reviews online and see what’s checking other people’s boxes or carry out an exciting taste test before you take the plunge.
  • Ditch the label
    The bottle label or the look of the design shouldn’t determine your choice. The true nuances of a carefully crafted bottle lie in factors such as the aromatics, the terroir, and the aging process. A fancy label doesn’t necessarily imply that the liquor is as elegant or delectable as it seems — that’s why research is a must.
  • Budget
    Although you want the gift to hit the mark, you don’t need to break the bank. There are plenty of liquors that offer complex and interesting flavors that come at affordable prices. We offer a vast selection of liquor bundle deals at prices that won’t make a dent in your wallet.

Spoil that special someone with liquor bundles from the Quality Liquor Store

Whether you’re looking for well-aged bourbon with a smooth, rounded finish or fine tequila aged in American white oak barrels with a rich, complex character topped off by subtly sweet hints of vanilla and spice; you’ll find it all at the Quality Liquor Store. Browse our liquor bundle deals today to find a delectable gift that will no doubt be treasured by the lucky recipient. While you’re here, review our shipping FAQs, so your present can arrive before the big day. Happy gifting!

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