Drinking Safety Tips

Alcohol is an amazing gift created by man, made to be enjoyed by adults everywhere who want to let loose, have fun, and escape from their busy everyday lives. But alcohol is something that needs to be taken seriously and something we should all be precautious about. Drinking is synonymous with fun and partying but too much of it can be a dangerous thing. It’s important to think smart and think safe when you decide to go out drinking.

Drinking responsibly is important to keeping yourself and others safe. Letting loose and having fun is also important but it should be done in a smart way. No one likes partying with a sloppy mess, so it’s up to the individual to make sure that they don’t become that person at the party or at the bar. So just take our word on it and follow some/all of these drinking safety tips.

How to Drink Responsibly

  • Make a plan
    • Buddy system: always have a buddy or group of people with you when you go out drinking. You want to surround yourself with people you know and trust and if need be you know will take care of you.
    • Know your limits: If you’re a first time drinker it’s a good idea to take it one drink at a time and get to know your body and your tolerance for alcohol. Knowing your limits will be beneficial when you’re trying to stay sober enough to drive or when you do just not want to get very drunk.
    • Know how you’re getting home: If you know you are going out and are going to be drinking you should have a set plan on how you are going to get home. Ride public transportation, get a cab, use Uber or Lyft, or make sure one of your friends is the sober driver. Drinking and driving is one the worst alcohol related dangers, and it’s really important that no one gets behind the wheel after a night of drinking.
  • Manage your drinking
    • Don’t drink on an empty stomach
    • Don’t drink if you haven’t slept
    • Stay hydrated
    • Pace yourself
    • Don’t have more than one drink per hour
    • Keep your eyes on your drink
    • Avoid mixing alcohol and other drugs
  • Stay safe
    • Make sure you are safe: drinking can put you in a vulnerable state and it’s important that nothing takes the better of you. Make sure to keep yourself in a safe space and in a place you feel comfortable.
    • Make sure others are safe: If you are out with a group of friends it’s always a good idea to check throughout the night that everyone is feeling okay. A group that sticks together is the best kind. Make sure you leave with everyone you came in with.
    • Actively avoid dangerous situations while drinking
    • Minimize risks to yourself and others

Have fun, let loose, and celebrate with delicious drinks; but just make sure to take care of yourself. Drinking responsibly is just part of the deal. Have fun and stay safe! 

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