Dimple Pinch to Knob Creek to Whistle Pig = Breaking Bad

Dimple Pinch 15 Year Blended Scotch

Knob Creek

Whistle Pig Rye Whiskey

What do all of these Whiskey's have to do with each other? Breaking Bad of course. Not sure if you are a late bloomer, as myself...I just watched the finale last night, WOW...this show is definitely not for everyone, but for those who like it, they love it...I don't believe there is an in-between for a show like this. 

So you may be wondering what all, or any of this has to do with Dimple Pinch, well I just learned that this is Walter White's go to Whiskey. Talk about not paying attention, until he is in the bar and orders a Dimple Pinch neat. It hit me that this is what everyone was talking about when they said this is Walt's drink. 

Now you have

Knob Creek, this is the drink that Walt's brother in law drinks on the show. Hank stocks the All American Knob Creek bourbon in his home bar.

As for Whistle Pig, the creator of Breaking Bad Vince Gilligan is said to be a huge fan of this whiskey.
If you would like to try any of these, yes we carry all of them, write in and let me know what you thought of the Whiskey, but more importantly what your thoughts of Breaking Bad are.

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