Happy Father's Day from Quality Liquor Store 2015

Father's Day Liquor Ideas

As their kids grow up, most Dad's dream of the day that their child becomes and adult. They envisage this landmark day, stood at the bar of their favorite "drinking hole" and of buying them their first drink.

Maybe a big part of that dream might actually be of their son or daughter reciprocating, and buying Dad a drink too, so what better way to tell Dad he is a great guy and wish him a Happy Father's Day than to treat him to a delivery of his favorite beverage or beverages?

At Quality Liquor Store we specialize in, well, liquor of quality. Not only do we stock a massive, and diverse selection of often hard to find spirits, whatever he likes, be that whiskey, tequila, rum... We also boast a superb selection of craft beers too, so whatever your ol' Dad likes, we're sure to have it and he is sure to have a huge smile on his face when he receives your love and respect shown in this way.

Stuck for ideas on how to show Dad "the love"? Here's a thought; Does your Dad enjoy a day spent fishing? Pack up the back of your truck with rods, line and bait, then add in a cooler filled with a selection of ice-cold hand-crafted beer.

Hiking? Just omit the rods, line and bait!

Go one step further and chuck in some camping gear too, there's always a little room back there to tuck in and a bottle of whisky. Your Dad will be in his element, out in the elements sat around the camp fire and chilling with you over a tipple or two.

Not got time to go camping? That's OK. For a laid back and totally chilled out Fathers Day afternoon, get out in the back yard and fire up the grill. Throw on some steak, crack open a round of ice cold beer. job done! Can you picture this scene and hear in your head that wonderful clink of the bottles as you toast your wonderful Dad?

Whatever you do, it's all about having good times, making more great memories to share, and of course showing Dad just how much you care!

If you've left home and have moved across the states or even if you've gone global, Quality Liquor Store can help to bridge those miles and bring smiles! Just go online and order. Your Dad will feel the love when he receives the gift pack you have put together for him.

When you order, to save you a little dough, we've created a special discount code for you too; just type in the code : 

FatherBlog to save 5% when you order your Father's Day gifts from Quality Liquor Store in 2015.

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