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Halloween Spirits with Quality Liquor Store

Although the kids may get to enjoy Trick or Treat, Halloween is not just for the little ones. Adults can give themselves a little treat by purchasing some craft beerliquor, or Halloween wine to help sweeten the night. After all, it can get a little chilly handing out candy at night so why not warm up with some spirits in the process!

If you enjoy a great craft brew consider welcoming the friendly side of Halloween with Ninkasi Brewing Dawn of the Red. While the deep red ale keeps things appropriately bloody tinged, the fruity tropical hints of papaya and mange with a strong malt aftertaste will keep you on your toes.

Of course, Halloween would not be Halloween without dozens of pumpkin flavored beverages, and the craft beer industry is certainly not an exception. If you have to choose one, stick to the Dogfish Head Punkin AleDogfish is easily one of most magical craft beer companies, and they have done their tricks with this autumn beer that combines brown sugar notes, pumpkin flavors, and a light spice overture.

For those who want something a bit toastier and sharper to accent their trick or treat night there are some great easy Halloween cocktails you can toss together. Those that like light spirits should try out the Wicked Witch Apple punch which I easily crafted with one 750ml SKYY Vodka, one 64 oz. Cranberry Juice cocktail, one liter of ginger Ale, and one 750 ml bottle of sparkling apple cider. Toss in some apple slices as a garnish.

Lovers of dark

spirits on the other hand should give the Sleepy Hollow a shot. This cocktail is easily blended with 1 ½ Famous Grouse Blended Scotch Whiskey, 2 ½ oz of Almond Milk, ½ oz of Ancho Reyes Chili Liquer, and ¾ oz of St George Coffee Liquer.

Finally, more refined adults that enjoy sipping wine more than spirits or beer can find their own Halloween indulgence in the aptly named 667 Pinot Noir. The sharp red wine features hints of sweet strawberry, mixed fruits, and a gentle oaky flavor. Of course, a dessert wine is very appropriate for Halloween and nothing is more perfect then Bogle's Phantom. The thick red wine features hints of raspberry, boysenberry, spice, and juniper that is heavily dusted with the indulgent flavor of chocolate pomegranate.

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