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Our Favorite Ways To Enjoy Vodka

Our Favorite Ways To Enjoy Vodka

Quality Liquor Store

Vodka, on its own, is always a pleasure to drink. Whether you’re having one shot as a nightcap or sipping it with friends, vodka’s delicate and neutral taste has brought it a legion of fans and is the standard choice at your local bar.

But if you’re looking to elevate the experience and find a better appreciation for its subtle notes or complex flavor, there are more ways to drink and enjoy vodka brands than just having it straight up.

Here are some of the Quality Liquor Store’s favorite ways to enjoy vodka:

Mix vodka with some soda

Vodka mixed with a dash of soda and a spritz of lime is an easy yet enjoyable tipple to match the refreshing vibe of summer. The carbonated lightness of the soda is perfect for tasting the nuanced flavor of your chosen vodka, while the hint of citrus cuts through the strength to make it even more delicious.

Mix your favorite vodka brand with tonic

The tonic water's slightly bitter taste and bubbly texture will help enhance the flavor of your chosen vodka brand. You can also elevate it further with some spices, like peppercorns of star anise, or add a botanical twist with a sprig of rosemary to expand the flavor profile.

Put the vodka in the freezer first

Vodka is best enjoyed cold, but if you’re looking for a special treat that you can’t get anywhere else, why not try putting your vodka in the freezer? Freezing vodka increases the viscosity of its clear-silvery liquid that will coat your mouth and create a pleasurable, smooth drinking experience.

Make a vodka-based cocktail

From a White Russian and Moscow Mule to a Bloody Mary or Vodka Sour, a variety of cocktails can be made using vodka. You can also mix your favorite vodka brands with a number of juices like aromatic cocktail bitters, pineapple, orange, or even guava to infuse vibrant tropical flavors. Put your bartending cap on and try creating each cocktail for your friends or a loved one!

Pair your favorite vodka brand with the right food

The best food to pair vodka with is often light, acidic, or slightly salty. Seafood and sushi pair exceptionally well with vodka, as the delicate flavors complement each other perfectly. With its clean taste, vodka offers a welcomed contrast to acidic pickles, salted nuts, and chips, or for something a little innovative, use it to cut through the acidity of tomato-based pasta sauces like Penne alla vodka, a classic Italian dish.

Try our selection of premium vodka brands today!

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