How To Use Gin In A Signature Cocktail

How To Use Gin In A Signature Cocktail

With its bold and versatile flavor profile, gin’s botanical notes have made it a cult classic for creating a broad menu of gin cocktails. From refreshing tipples to sip on under the summer sun to perfect food pairings with seafood and Mediterranean mezze and enjoying an after-dark digestif, read on to find out why gin is the ideal liquor to create a signature cocktail you will constantly reach for.

Why gin is a go-to base for building exciting cocktails

Gin is a twice-distilled spirit made from fermenting grain or malt with juniper berries and other added flavors that gives it its crisp finish and bittersweet taste. Usually clear in appearance, you can find several colored and color-changing styles to lend your gin cocktails a fervorous appeal.

Discover the different types of gin

Like Scotch whiskey and tequila, there are many different types of gin — each with its own characteristics that can alter the taste of your gin cocktail, even when following the same recipe. Some of the types of gin include:

  • London Dry gin — The most recognizable and recommended in gin and tonic recipes, London dry gin features a herbal flavor with a juniper berry dominant taste that gives it its bite.
  • Plymouth gin — A firm favorite for over a century, Plymouth gin features a drier finish than London gin with more botanical notes of citrus and herbs like coriander seed, cardamom, and orange peel to balance the acidity. For a vivacious blend, try a Pink gin cocktail by blending Plymouth gin with one part water and Angostura bitters to taste.
  • Old Tom gin — With a sweeter finish and a higher blend of botanical ingredients, Old Tom gins are more suited to making gin cocktails like a Tom Collins or Gimlet or to soften the strong taste of a martini.

Experiment with garnishes and mixes

Once you’ve chosen your gin, it’s time to start blending your gin cocktail. When it comes to mixers, tonic water is always a safe bet as it helps balance out the robust flavors of gin while still allowing its complexity to shine through. If you’re looking for more than a typical gin and tonic recipe, try ginger ale or cranberry juice that will cut through gin’s crisp finish and complement its herbaceous flavor.

Garnishes can range from citrus fruits like lemon and limes to herbs such as rosemary and thyme and spices like nutmeg, peppercorns, and cinnamon. While adding a professional touch and visual appeal to your gin cocktails, you can customize the taste of your tipple and make it your own.

Balancing your flavors is key

When you buy liquor online, creating a balanced cocktail is key in developing a signature drink that people will remember — and come back for more! Start by experimenting with different ratios until you find one that works best for you and your guests' tastes. This could mean adding more or less mixer than usual or playing around with different types of garnishes until you find one that complements the flavors perfectly.

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