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Booze Basics: A Guide to Giving Alcohol as a Gift

Booze Basics: A Guide to Giving Alcohol as a Gift

When your loved ones already have everything, giving alcohol as a gift is a classic and sophisticated option they will remember fondly for many occasions to come. From birthdays to weddings, a bottle of wine or spirits is sure to be appreciated by anyone. However, choosing the right alcohol gift can be a daunting task. 

To help you cut down on time spent perusing different ranges of bottles at liquor stores, in this guide, we'll provide you with tips and tricks for buying liquor online and the etiquette of giving alcohol as a gift.

The best liquor stores to buy alcohol

While visiting your local store may seem easier at first, an online liquor store offers you a greater range of brands to choose from, so you can give alcohol as a gift from specialty labels that are difficult to find at more competitive prices. Even if your loved ones live across the country, buying liquor online from retailers like Quality Liquor Store allows you to directly send your present from our store to your recipient — So you can make sure they can sip on the most flavorsome drops.

Consider your alcohol choice

When giving alcohol as a gift, there are several sure-fire ways to ensure your loved one is thrilled with their present. You might want to introduce them to your favorite drink, replace their go-to in their bar cart, or check out our online liquor store and discover a premium option to elevate their drinking experience.

Want to make your present count? Match it to the occasion. A bottle of champagne or sparkling wine might be an excellent choice for a wedding or anniversary, or gift tequila to start the party, while a bottle of gin or vodka makes the perfect complement to a leisurely summer barbecue. For esteemed events like a retirement or promotion, a brooding whiskey with notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak will surely make their day.

Our whiskey bundles will build out their bar selection and will allow them to discover the nuances of Irish whiskey’s smoother and sweeter blends, as well as savor in the full-bodied taste of Scottish varieties. Tequila bundles are also a safe bet that will stock their bar cart with perennial labels like Clase Azul, Don Julio, Addictivo, and Care de Oro.

Presentation is everything

Giving alcohol as gifts requires a personal touch to embody your love, friendship, and appreciation for your loved ones. While you don't need to go overboard, taking a little time to package it nicely in a gift bag or wrapping it in a decorative cloth with a ribbon can make all the difference. Finishing with a handwritten card and tying it to the alcohol’s flavor notes can make your gift feel more thoughtful and unique.

Quality Liquor Store — your online liquor store for delectable drops for gifts or for yourself

For any occasion, giving alcohol as a gift can be a great way to show someone that you care. Whether it’s a bottle to celebrate a milestone or to simply say thanks, a well-chosen drink can be just the thing to bring people together. Explore our complete collection of beer, wine, and spirits at Quality Liquor Store and find a tipple or two to raise a glass and toast with.

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