Blanton's Made Special For Quality Liquor Store

Posted by Vinny N on 05 21 2015

Exceptional enough to bear our name. Reserved only for you.

Blanton's for Quality Liquor Store

Discerning whiskey drinkers everywhere, from seasoned connoisseurs to learned enthusiasts, will know that world's most exquisite and truly exceptional bourbon whiskeys are bottled having been drawn from a single barrel. You may also know that the original single barrel bourbon, the one that is singularly responsible for kick-starting the craze and appreciation for bourbon back in the early 80's was none other than Blanton's Reserve.

Named after Colonel Albert B. Blanton who is famed for his insistence on choosing and reserving for personal use, only the very best single barrel bourbons which he had selected and tasted himself, his Special Reserve would be set aside, bottled and served only to his most special friends and guests.

Whiskey of the finest pedigree

Blanton's careful personal selection and exceptional quality is legendary. It's why Blanton's is and always has been, the gold standard; its name the hallmark of pedigree, the highest possible quality single barrel Bourbon there is.

Paying our own tribute to the Colonel's exacting standards and insistence that nothing but the best is good enough, we wanted to emulate his unstinting attention to bourbon quality and integrity by creating for you a special release bottling of single-barrel Blanton's, one we would not only call our own, but which would be bottled to proudly bear our name alongside Blanton's.

In our quest to achieve this standard of excellence, first we secretly secured several barrel samples from Blanton's distillery. Then we invited a group of individuals to join our tasting panel. Members of our panel came from from amongst our own store personnel, as well as unaffiliated industry veterans and certified spirit specialists. These illustrious people were brought together over several occasions to undertake on your behalf a series of carefully monitored blind-taste tests. It's a tough job! Our panel made their selection and those individual choices were unanimous. Of particular note our panel enjoyed the sweet vanilla tones of barrel no.36.

On April 7th, 2015 barrel #36 was bottled. At 93 proof, each rare and precious bottle of 'Blanton's For Quality Liquor Store' is hand labelled and individually numbered from #1 - #264 and has been reserved for your personal pleasure and enjoyment. It is a truly remarkable, exceptional expression of Blanton's.

The nose is oozing with clear sweet honey, soft luxurious vanilla, spice and tobacco, with a palate that is rich and full, effortlessly creamy with a buttery feel, sweet with honey and brightened with citrus, with background of oaken woodiness throughout. It's finish is fruity with peach and citrus zest, buttery soft and chocolatey.

Needless to say, available in only very limited quantities we expect it to be available for only a very short time indeed. Which brings us to the reason we did this.

Ladies and Gentlemen. If we may, we would like to raise a toast, so please would you charge your glasses.

Our valued customers. Thank you.

In your honor, we give you Blanton's for Quality Liquor Store

We do hope you will enjoy it. Cheers