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Stranahan's Diamond Peak Colorado Whiskey

Stranahan's Diamond Peak has been created by Stranahan's gifted master distiller Rob Deitrich. Just like the fire that gave rise to the distillery, this limited edition small batch hand-bottled four year old whiskey that has been crafted from a selection of the oldest casks held at the Denver, Colorado distillery, will put a little fire in your belly.

Aged in #3 char casks, the whiskey is non chill filtered and cut to proof with mineral rich Rocky Mountain water. The aroma of this amber beauty is of sun-dried sweet apricots, saddle leather, dark licorice and cedar wood. The palate is thick and full bodied with the flavors of strong brew roasted coffee beans, creamy butterscotch, oak, cayenne pepper and cocoa. The finish rolls on, luxuriously creamy and deliciously smooth.

Diamond Peak, for the curious, is said to be the Black Label version of the regular Stranahan’s. It clocks in at 94 proof and is non-chill filtered.

Nose: Butterscotch, cereal sweetness, and well-oiled leather
Palate: Earthy grain flavors are accented with hints of toffee
Finish: Buttery palate leads into a light, but long, finish