Sierra Norte Yellow Corn Whiskey 750ml


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Sierra Norte Mexican Yellow Corn Single Barrel Whiskey

Take your palate on a trip straight to the heart of Mexico with Sierra Norte Mexican Yellow Corn Single Barrel Whiskey. This South of the Border libation is double-distilled in copper and barrel-aged 10 months. Crafted from exotic Oaxacan corn and malted barley, Sierra Norte whiskey blooms with a rich, unique flavor and ends with a sweet, spicy, hot pepper kick.


Blue iris, dried chilies, and fresh linen; the corn is sweet and fat. Fresh and fruity, orange marmalade, honey oozing into maple syrup, developing more complexity as the smooth layers shift to accommodate the growing pepper and chili heat ahead of a spicy honey finish. For a 10 month old single cask whiskey, this is remarkably impressive.