Seagram's 7 Crown Apple Blended Whiskey


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Seagram's 7 Crown Apple Blended Whiskey

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Seagram's 7 Apple Blended Whiskey

Seagram's 7 Crown Apple - the perfect blend of apples and traditional bourbon recipes. Smooth enough to sip, it's made with an aged whiskey base that has hints of apples and caramel. Seagram's 7 Crown Apple is perfect on the rocks or in a cocktail like a whiskey sour.

Designed to be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, Seagram's 7 Crown Apple is a blend of smooth whiskey with a hint of apples.  The drink is surprisingly smooth at 71 proof and has just a hint of sweetness that can be enjoyed straight-up or mixed into your favorite cocktail.

Seagram's 7 Crown Apple, a 71-proof American blended whiskey made of aged bourbon with hints of Apples. Seriously smooth, Seagram's 7 Crown Apple tastes great as a shot, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktail.


Ripe fresh picked apple notes

Subtle fruity whiskey character