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Patron Limited Edition En Lalique Serie 1 Extra Anejo Tequila

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Patron Limited Edition En Lalique Serie 1 Extra Anejo Tequila, Mexico

The French Arts Meet Extra Anejo Tequila – The Most Beautiful of Unions

The decanter’s décor showcases and pays tribute to the blue agave that gives the Tequila its due. The top of the decanter represents the heart of plant. The top features the intricate blue agave design, including the texture to add a slight flair and semi-elegant gentleman’s touch. It is the new designer clothing of Tequila. A designer decanter for rare tequila just as there has been for spirits such as scotch for ages. Each bottle will be hand polished, numbered and in its own leather living quarters.

Coloring: A perfected amber coloring that one may compare to a beautiful Mexican sunset that is clearly and beautifully reflected in dual facets of the clear and frosted glass choices.

Nose: Vanilla, honey with hints of caramel

Palate: Warm and soft on the front-end with the caramel and honey swirling together, a combination of dried fruits and nuts layered in before the real temper of a tequila hits the back-end.

Finish: It’s a nice long finish.


Tequila: Well deserving of celebratory sipping, toasting.

Decanter: With such a fitting style of clothing one may wonder, why undress it? The casing, the decanter, the rarity of the tequila… Does anyone not want it just to age beyond four or fore?

Lalique, they have created the masterpiece in this decanter. The beauty in the intricate and dramatic handwork of the line-work to the two-tone bottom is impressive. Far to much so to fill it with anything other than its intended. Each line was placed to accent its ingredients and it wasn't ice-tea.


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