Paradox Cafe Verdad 500ml


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Paradox Cafe Verdad Wild Farmhouse Ale

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Paradox Cafe Verdad Wild Farmhouse Ale

The wonders of a dessert ale with an enjoyable 8% ABV. I dare say bring on the desserts and let’s skip the dinner. The Paradox Cafe Verdad features:

Coloring: Ruby Brown

Aroma: Cinnamon, Chocolate, Coffee

Palate: Fruity sour blend with hints of chocolate and caramel the cinnamon stays with sour and maintains a great union

Finish: Light on the coffee rolling into the sour and lingers on a strong cinnamon

The enjoyment is there for the dark ale lovers who enjoy the medium sours. The Paradox Cafe Verdad holds true to its style and doesn’t fail to delight its patrons. The bark is loud and heard; the hops stay low, I still say skip dinner and enjoy the dessert and the after dinner cheese and cracker tray. If you must eat real food, keep it at the appetizers. They are where it is all it.