Nikka Coffey Vodka 750ml


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Nikka Coffey Vodka

Nikka Coffey Vodka

Nikka Coffey Vodka is a perfect blend of corn and malted barley gave birth to this legendary drink. Filtered through white birch charcoal, the drink gained a clear and smooth taste. At 40% ABV, the drink is surprisingly gentle and this together with its preparation has put Nikka Coffey Vodka on the map as one of the World’s best vodkas.

Nikka Coffey Vodka is made with Japanese water and the highest quality grain and pure ingredients. Using a unique type of distillation process called Coffey Still, it's been rumored to be a favorite of James Bond himself.

This is a Vodka produced by Nikka Whisky, integrating its decades of experience in distilling white spirits and blending whiskies. The secret behind the extremely smooth and delicate taste is the distillation in a "Coffey Still," a traditional continuous still which produces Nikka's signature grain whiskies. Selected distillate made from corn and barley are blended by experts and carefully refined with white birch charcoal. This purest expression of the Nikka Coffey range perfectly captures the exquisite fullness brought by the Coffey Still.