New Holland Dragon's Milk Beer Barrel Rye


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New Holland Dragon's Milk Beer Barrel Rye

New Holland Dragon's Milk Beer Barrel Rye Whiskey

New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk Beer Barrel Rye takes the award-winning brewery’s signature stout and ages it for up to six months in barrels that previously held whiskey or rum. In addition to adding complexity, this unique aging process is also responsible for transforming an already complex beer into a true masterpiece.

Double down on rye. This dark, richly spiced beer has all the malty caramel notes you’d expect from a robust imperial stout, but it’s punched up with spicy rye whiskey aromas and tastes.

Flavor Notes
Our Rye, Barley and Corn mash bill contributes pepper-like spice, with cereal grain and honey-like sweetness with a smooth caramel finish. Vanilla and caramel notes originate from the aging in new American Oak, while subtle notes of semi-sweet chocolate and roasted malt are imparted by the resting period in Dragon’s Milk Barrels.

Aroma: Vanilla, allspice

Taste: Honey, almond, baking spices