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Lost Abbey Santo Ron Diego

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The Lost Abbey Santo Ron Diego

Self acclaimed visionaries The Lost Abbey Brewing Company opened their doors in 2006 and began a crusade in which their aim is to turn water into fine craft beer. Beer with unique, unusual and incredibly complex flavors. They certainly deliver on that score and have already received dozens of major awards celebrating their groundbreaking bold intensely flavorful barrel-aged beers.

Santo Ron Diego is one such masterpiece. The first Lost Abbey ale which, having been brewed with added spices, has been rested inside precious casks that once held and aged premium rum.

Dark and full-bodied Santo Ron Diego is a strong ale, forward with a wondrous rum aroma that is brightened with the sharp citrus fragrance of orange peel and sweetened by vanilla bean and dark cocoa nibs.

Boozy with rum throughout, the taste experience takes you on a flavorful ride opening with ginger and spices which have been laced and softened with the sweetness of dark brown sugar. Sultry, delicious vanilla follows wrapped around with silky, rich and bittersweet dark chocolate. The orange peel brings highlights which swerve over your taste buds. The journey ends with dry black peppery finish.