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Jägermeister Manifest

Curt Mast created Jägermeister over 80 years ago. He boldly took a new path. Today the new generation of the Mast family are still committed to the extraordinary. They have created something special based on the original 56 Jägermeister Botanicals. Skillfully blended into five selected macerates, which are then married with distillate from small oak barrels. The tradition of breaking with tradition is still going strong: Jägermeister Manifest.

Uncompromising belief in the extraordinary has always been our credo. It’s given us the drive to do things our own way since 1878.

It’s an attitude that manifests itself in our latest creation. Based on our original elixir, we’ve crafted a truly special flavour that put Jägermeister again in a class of its own: We call it Jägermeister Manifest.

The hunt for unique flavours takes time and patience, but most of all it takes the skill and creativity to rewrite the rules.

That’s why we’ve rigorously reworked our entire production process to turn new thinking into the distinctive oaky character of Manifest.