Heaven's Door Bootleg Series Bourbon Vol. III


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Heaven's Door Bootleg Series Bourbon Bottle

Heaven's Door Bootleg Series Bourbon Vol. III

The third release of Heaven's Door's Bootleg series, named after Bob Dylan's "Bootleg Series", invites people to experience the art of craft whiskey. The bottle itself is reminiscent of the original seal on the wooden crates the bottles were housed in after prohibition ended. It features a soft satin texture and maintains the same ideals from previous releases including the sourcing and bottling locations.

We're excited to introduce another craft whiskey in the third addition to our Bootleg Series! Like the first Heaven's Door release, this Whiskey is bold and has an awesome flavor. Aged on new American oak, it's got a sweet aroma with hints of vanilla and caramel, and a slightly dry finish. It's a perfect sipping whiskey.