Handy & Schiller Old Fashioned 750ml


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Handy & Schiller Old Fashioned

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Handy & Schiller Old Fashioned


The Handy & Schiller Old Fashioned is crafted using Buffalo Trace Bourbon and Peychaud's Bitters. The cocktail rested in a Buffalo Trace barrel at the renowned Buffalo Trace Distillery, under the watchful eye of our Master Distiller. It is the perfect marrriage of a balanced, flavorful Old Fashioned Cocktail and the vibrant flavor of our Bourbon barrels. Enjoy over ice and garnish with an orange.

New Orleans is known as the birthplace of American cocktails. Two men who contributed richly to the cocktail culture in New Orleans were John Schiller and Thomas Handy. Schiller, a bartender working in New York, found his way to New Orleans and by 1860 was operating the world-famous Sazerac Coffeehouse in the French Quarter. Handy, a native of Maryland, was working for Schiller at the coffeehouse. Handy later went on to establish a succesful importing and wholesale liquor business. Handy and Shiller's roles in the early days of New Orleans' cocktails would serve as an inspiration for over 150 years of libations in America's most unique city.

This barrelled Old Fashioned has a perfect balance of sweetness with oak influence. The finish has a hint of creamy citrus fruit with a nice bourbon character overall.