Grey Goose Gift Set 750ml


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Grey Goose Vodka Gift Set

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Grey Goose Vodka Gift Set

Coming in a beautifully presented box this 750ml bottle of Grey Goose Vodka comes with 2 exquisite martini glasses.

World acclaimed Super premium Grey Goose Vodka is pure, crystal clear, totally free from impurities. Giving it as a gift declares that same spirit of purity, of clarity, and of heart.

The soft winter wheat grain used in Grey Goose Vodka is so unique that it is grown in only three fields in Picardy, France.

It is milled in a dedicated mill before being taken to a dedicated distillery where it is blended with clear limestone filtered spring water from an exclusive well in the Cognac region.

Once blended it is distilled just once ensuring that the quality of the grain is not lost.

Grey Goose Vodka Gift Set is not a gift you give lightly.
It declares purity of spirit in the giving and is a pure vodka spirit enjoyed by its recipient.