Green Flash Silva Stout 750ml


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Green Flash Silva Stout Cellar 3

Green Flash Silva Stout Cellar 3

Green Flash brew-master Chuck Silva, along with his dedicated team have become renowned for their their amazing, award winning speciality craft ales, the results of fearless experimentation, and patient and careful development. One such brew proudly bearing his name is Silva Stout the deserved bounty after years of careful experimentation and patience.

Green Flash Silva Stout is a blend of Green Flash year round Double Stout that has been aged for seventeen months, resting in oak bourbon barrels, the flavors of the ale developing, becoming deeper and more intricate. After filtration, just the right amount of fresh double stout is added which creating a somewhat magical and mind-blowing experience of balance between the the aged and the fresh.

Pouring black as midnight, the inky dark liquid has a fragrance that delicious with the warmth of bourbon, that wraps you up and draws you in. Your sip is silky, smooth and rounded. Flavors and aromas like a tidal wave of pleasure. Elegantly aged oak and tones of soft vanilla caress the senses. Bitter-sweet dark chocolate, rich roasted coffee bean and toasted barley are moistened with the flavors of juicy and ripe black cherries which envelope and wash over the palate.