El Segundo White Dog IPA 22oz


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El Segundo White Dog IPA

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El Segundo White Dog IPA

Hops-mad brewery El Segundo, created this approachable IPA which takes its name, partly from the fact that it uses 50% wheat instead of the usual barley. Coombining wheat with the malt provides a somewhat lighter texture accentuating the radiant citrus, suffused by the West Coast and New Zealand hops.

It is a rusted, murky-orange in the glass with a creamy head. The hops come rushing forward with a punch to the nose, laced with juicy fruits, and a little spicy action. The palate delivers earthiness and a pleasing bitterness which becomes more dominant toward the finish which is light pine and a subtle hint of lemon.

Oh, the other part reason it is called White Dog? Rob the Proprietor/Brewer’s dog apparently!