Mammoth Lair of the Bear 16.9


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Mammoth Lair Of The Bear

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Mammoth Lair Of The Bear

A true winter warmer to sip by the fire, Lair of the Bear is a hefty Russian Imperial Stout with an O.G. of 22 Plato. Our brewers fermented this stout with our proprietary yeast in stainless for two weeks then racked into freshly emptied Heavenly Hills Bourbon barrels and allowed the beer to rest for seven months. Enjoy now or age for as long as you like, but be aware Lair of the Bear may put you into hibernation.

Lair of the Bear comes out black as a bear and is topped with a thin, tan colored head. The aroma is heavy with bourbon notes, chocolate and malts. The taste of this beer is divided into three sections. The initial taste is of bourbon barrels, then heads straight into a very heavy chocolate flavor and it ends with moderate coffee notes.

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