Bushmills Black Bush 750ml


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Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whisky

Bushmills Black Bush

An intriguing name and an intriguing flavour. right from the pour you’ll notice the dark colouring‚ a result of maturing for up to seven years in spanish oloroso sherry casks and sweet bourbon barrels. as for the taste‚ this 80% malt premium whiskey floats across the tongue to deliver dark‚ velvety fruity notes right through to the back of your throat.”

Irish Whiskey A lengthy name for anything behind the bar, Old Bushmills Special Old Liqueur Whiskey (released 1934) eventually became known as Black Bush (in the bar, then on the bottle) due to its noticeable, dark label. This Irish whiskey is made of triple distilled malted barley, with the majority of the parts aged in used Spanish sherry casks. The result is a rich, fruit and nut flavor that is smooth and mixable. Try this whiskey with bitter and light, sweet cocktails like Black and Red or Koi Cocktail.