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Bowmore 25 Year Old Scotch Whisky

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Bowmore 25 Year Small Batch Scotch

Bowmore 25 Year Old is a whisky to be savored slowly, every delicious drop of this exquisitely balanced malt has been matured for a quarter of a century in North American bourbon casks before being transferred to sherry casks for an additional 18 months. This extraordinary single malt Scotch whisky was first launched in 2014 and is limited to just 2,100 bottles each year, making it highly sought after by collectors and whisky connoisseurs alike.

The Bowmore 25 Year Small Batch has sparkling waves of ocean and citrus spice that are tempered with the warm wispy smoke and smooth vanilla.

The Bowmore 25 Year gives a feeling of salty drizzle and ocean spices that clear the mind when one is on a boat. The whisky has been brought to proof with its superb ingredients that have an amazing feeling on the user.