Enjoy The New Year With The Perfect Scotch

Enjoy The New Year With The Perfect Scotch

Scotch is one of the most popular drinks during the New Year celebrations. With its notes of smoky peat, honey, spicy oak, and a hint of fruit, Scotch whiskey will bring an added level of sophistication to your celebration. Make the first night of the new year memorable with the best Scotch drinks.

Whether you prefer a single malt, a blended whisky, or an aged variety, there’s something for everyone here at the Quality Liquor Store! 

Why should you have a drink of scotch for This New Year? 

Scotch drinks are ideal for toasting the new year. Its smoky notes bring a unique flavor that's not found in other spirits, and its intense richness will make your New Year a memorable one! The smoothness of Scotch drinks makes it enjoyable to sip slowly and savor all the delectably rich flavors. Plus, with its variety of taste profiles, you’ll have plenty to choose from to suit your tastes. 

Scotch and food pairings 

Ring in the New Year with a glass of Scotch drink! Although this spirit is impressive when sipped neat, Scotch drinks can be a great way to elevate your celebratory meals. Here are some of the best food pairings for Scotch you should try this year. 

  • An aged single malt whisky compliments smoked salmon, as its hint of sweetness draws out the smoky flavors of the fish. 
  • A blended Scotch drink pairs perfectly with charcuterie boards filled with pungent cheeses such as blue cheese or cheddar. 
  • For an after-dinner treat, try a glass of Scotch with dark chocolate. The sweetness of the chocolate will bring out the more subtle notes in the whisky. 

No matter how you enjoy your Scotch this New Year, it’s sure to bring a special warmth and flavor to your celebration. 

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So, this New Year, why not raise a glass of Scotch and toast to health, happiness, and good cheer? Whether you prefer single malt or blended whisky, there’s something for everyone at the Quality Liquor Store. And don’t forget about Scotch food pairings — Scotch whiskey goes well with many different dishes! So grab a bottle and prepare for an unforgettable night! 

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