Belvedere Product Red 750ml


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Belvedere Vodka Product Red

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Belvedere Vodka Product Red

Presented in a beautiful, glowing limited edition red glass bottle, 50% of the profit from of each bottle sold goes to The Global Fund, helping to save lives of those surfing from HIV & Aids in Africa.

It is still Belvedere vodka with its centuries, rich history. It is made in Poland, where vodka makers must abide by the most rigorously regulated vodka laws on the planet. It is a vodka celebrated amongst enthusiasts who adore its subtle sweetness, and crave its smooth, clean finish.

The aroma is delicately vanilla and soft, silky cream. It tantalizes, pulling your lips toward the glass. As you take your first sip, you are transported. Its rounded body is velvety soft, curvacious and smooth. The flavor sways gently back and forth between sweetness and savory. There is vanilla then white pepper and spice. As you swallow, and its creamy texture smooths down the back of your throat, the finish is elongated with hints of Brazil nuts and almonds and rich, thick clotted cream.

Totally decadent neat, it's equally good as a cocktail. Why not keep it red with a Belvedere cocktail such as a Belvedere Cranberry served with ice and lime, or a Belvedere Redberry Mule with fresh raspberries and lime juice.