Barr Hill Tom Cat Gin 750ml


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Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Barrel Aged Gin

Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat Barrel Aged Gin


Made using raw, organic Vermont honey, Tom Cat Reserve Gin is matured for three to four months in new American oak casks.

Caledonia Spirits was first developed by former bee-keeper Todd Hardie in partnership with Andrew Pinault and Ryan Christansen. The original aim was in bee keeping and honey production but spirits came about as Hardie sought ways to make his business more prosperous (and located closer to home). The distillery now uses honey, elderberries, run a winery, and in general supports local Vermont production.

The first-ever release of aged gin from this outstanding producer is an exclusive batch made specifically for us. The local juniper berries and raw honey that Todd Hardie has been cultivating for the past thirty years are the start of the show here.