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AleSmith Tony Gwynn Hall Of Fame Imperial SD Pale Ale

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AleSmith Tony Gwynn Hall Of Fame Imperial SD Pale Ale .394

This is a collectible 750ml Bottle to commemorate and celebrate all that Tony Gwynn meant to San Diego...Cheers Tony!

AleSmith dialed in the recipe resulting in an extremely drinkable 6% ABV Pale Ale with light bitterness and accentuated hoppiness designed to fill the gap between AleSmith X Extra Pale Ale and AleSmith IPA. This San Diego Pale Ale will showcase abundant piney and citrusy hop aroma and flavor from an intense dry-hopping schedule. A balanced malt profile will round out these hoppy flavors with a biscuity finish to enhance drinkability throughout the innings.

The name “394” (.394) references the highest single-season batting average Gwynn set back in 1994. Ready to be released at the June 6th Padres Beerfest, San Diego Pale Ale 394 will reflect the commitment to excellence shared by the legendary Tony Gwynn and the AleSmith team.

AleSmith SD Pale Ale .394 is completely a new bear defining a modern day category. It is dialled in an exceptionally drinkable recipe with delicious bright hop profile and light bitterness to satisfy both AleSmith IPA and AleSmith X Extra Pale Ale fans. The flavor of ripe and palm fruit dominated the beer, and leave chocolate flavors hiden in the background. It has a well - balanced malt profile to accompany its great flavors with a biscuit finish for easy drinkability: the beer is creamy and smooth. If you like interesting varieties of Speedway with the Vietnamese coffee version and the extra fresheness, then Ale Smith SD Pale Ale .394 should be your first choice. It is simply great!

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