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Absolut Elyx Vodka

For Absolut Elyx, this is a premium vodka not to be confused with regular Absolut, the final distilling happens at the Åhus distillery, in a smaller still that is completely made out of copper.

A little about how Absolut Elyx came about. While most of the winter wheat used to make the classic Absolut Vodka comes from the area immediately surrounding the distillery, for Absolut Elyx they’ve taken their “One Source” concept to the next level by sourcing all the wheat from a single estate, the Råbelöf Estate. The concept of a single estate vodka is fairly uncommon as terroir (the impact of the land on a spirit) isn’t something that vodka makers typically focus on. Vodka terrior is just one of the many things that help make Absolut Elyx distinct.

Absolut Elyx get its name from “lyx” which is Swedish for luxury. Elyx is made manually in small batches from a mashbill of local ingredients, all of which are traceable to within a 15 mile radius of Ahus.

The nose is sharp with crisp grain notes. Elyx is smooth and sweet on the palate with touches of vanilla cream and butterscotch, and a hint of hazelnut and chocolate. The finish is clean with hints of spice.

Absolut Elyx is made manually in small batches from local ingredients. This vodka was voted Best Vodka in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.