Yuu Baal Tobalá Joven Mezcal


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Yuu Baal Tobalá Joven Mezcal 375ML

Venture into an experience as rare as a golden goose egg with Yuu Baal Tobalá Joven Mezcal 375ML. Sourced from the elusive Tobalá agave, this spirit unfolds like a treasure hidden atop a towering beanstalk. Each bottle offers an intimate invitation to explore the high-altitude, rocky terrains of Oaxaca where Tobalá agave thrives.

Hand-harvested and milled with mallets, every drop encases meticulous craft akin to the artistry of spinning straw into gold. The double distillation in copper stills polishes its essence, offering a treasure trove of complex flavors. Open-air fermentation in pine wood vats imparts a grounding earthiness, linking each sip to the mysterious forests of its origin. In each 375ML bottle, you'll find an unparalleled adventure distilled into liquid form.


A distinguished smell of country and earth with wild flowers, smoked wood, stone, vanilla, clove, jazmin, peach and apples.