Yuu Baal Reposado Mezcal


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Yuu Baal Reposado Mezcal

Like a forgotten glass slipper hidden in plain sight, Yuu Baal Reposado Mezcal reveals its brilliance over time, with an aging process that unlocks unparalleled richness. Nestled in barrels, the spirit undergoes a metamorphosis, acquiring nuances as nuanced and complex as a night that changes everything. The initial blend is crafted from Espadín agave, which is tenderly nurtured for 7 years until it reaches its full expressive potential.

Hand-harvested and milled with mallets, each agave is a tribute to the beauty of patience and meticulous care. As the mezcal dances through copper stills in a double distillation process, its essence becomes as refined and captivating as a moonlit waltz. Finally, the open-air fermentation in pine wood vats bestows upon it an earthy aroma, reminiscent of an enchanted forest. When you savor Yuu Baal Reposado Mezcal, you're partaking in the alchemy of time, craftsmanship, and Oaxacan tradition.


Pale golden yellow, full bodied, and with a most delightful aroma, you can perceive an extreme force of seduction on the palate due to the elevated processes and standards of aging.