Yuu Baal Madrecuixe Joven Mezcal


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Yuu Baal Madrecuixe Joven Mezcal 375ML

Immerse yourself in a drinking experience as deep and mesmerizing as the fabled ocean floors with Yuu Baal Madrecuixe Joven Mezcal 375ML. Crafted from the unique Madrecuixe agave, each bottle is a siren's call to the adventurous soul. Known for its wild and rare presence, Madrecuixe lends an unparalleled complexity to this artisanal spirit. Hand-harvested in the untamed terrains of Oaxaca and meticulously milled by mallets, this mezcal captures the essence of its elusive source.

The double distillation in copper stills serves as the alchemy that heightens its alluring qualities, making each sip as transformative as a mermaid's kiss. Open-air fermentation in pine wood vats imparts an earthy aroma that invites you into its depths, much like the mysterious allure of the sea. Within each 375ML bottle, you'll discover an ocean of flavors waiting to be explored.


This mezcal offers an unmistakable herbal aroma and taste. On the smell it accentuates intense notes of green vegetation and wet earth, with a mineral smell that is unparalleled and unforgettable.