Yuu Baal Anejo Mezcal


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Yuu Baal Anejo Mezcal

Step into an aged narrative where each sip tells a tale as enduring as an enchanted forest preserved through time. Yuu Baal Añejo Mezcal is the liquid anthology of Oaxaca’s rich history, culture, and natural wonder. Crafted from Espadín agave that’s nurtured for 7 long years, this mezcal sets the scene with its vibrant initial profile.

Each agave is hand-harvested, and milled with artisanal mallets, bestowing upon the spirit an authenticity akin to time-honored traditions. Double distillation in copper stills adds layers of complexity, as if each stage is a chapter in an unfolding story. Resting in barrels, the mezcal gains nuances as profound as age-old secrets, ready to be unlocked by those who seek them.

An open-air fermentation in pine wood vats finishes the process, endowing the mezcal with an aroma as enticing as an enchanted woodland. With Yuu Baal Añejo Mezcal, every bottle is a chronicle, every pour a page, and every sip a sentence in the ongoing tale of Oaxaca.


A unique Golden color, full body and aroma, with a distinguished taste of woods and dried fruits, ideal for the the curious palate yearning to find a perfect mix of the natural and a bouquet of lightly smoked woods.