Yellow Tail Moscato 750ml


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Yellow Tail Moscato

Yellow Tail Moscato

[yellow tail] Moscato is full of natural sweetness. It displays bright fruit flavours of freshly crushed grapes, peach and passion fruit with a hint of sherbet. This wine has a light fizz that tingles in your mouth and highlights lively tropical fruit flavours followed by a clean and crisp finish. ENJOY!

[yellow tail] Moscato is created with a simple philosophy in mind - to make a great wine that everyone can enjoy anytime in any place. This is why we're reluctant to tell you what to enjoy it with. If you really want some suggestions, enjoy this wine chilled with friends and a big bowl of strawberries.
Here at [yellow tail], we believe that great quality wine can be affordable and good fun too. We ensure our wines are vibrant, flavoursome and approachable and that each variety helps to make special moments even more enjoyable. When it comes to wine, we like to make our own rules – the only thing we're really serious about is the quality. [yellow tail] is instantly recognizable, both for its appearance and its personality. The following tasting note is designed to give you an insight into [yellow tail] Moscato, but if you want to cut to the chase, it’s simple… drink it, share it, and enjoy it.