Yellow Tail Merlot 750ml


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Yellow Tail Merlot

[yellow tail] Merlot jumps from the glass with ripe plum aromas. Soft tannins complement the ripe fruit flavours and deliver a fine fruit-driven wine which is rich, soft and simply delicious. This wine is a smooth-talker.

[yellow tail] Merlot is made with grapes sourced from the highest quality vineyards. Once the grapes are crushed and stems removed, they are fermented on skins in contact with oak. Temperature controlled fermentation ensures maximum varietal flavour, colour and tannin extraction. The wine is bottled at the winery in Yenda, New South Wales.
ENJOY [yellow tail] Merlot is created with a simple philosophy in mind - to make a great wine that everyone can enjoy anytime in any place. This is why we're reluctant to tell you what to enjoy it with. If you really want some suggestions, enjoy this wine with your best friends at your favourite BYO restaurant.