Yellow Spot 12 Year 750ml


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Yellow Spot 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey

Yellow Spot 12 Year

Extremely limited in quantity, Yellow Spot is a an undeniable rarity. It contains a whiskey that during its 12 years maturation has spent time in three different types of oak casks, each giving to the spirit a deeper and more intricate flavor and aroma profile.

The original Yellow Spot, not seen since the late 1960’s when it was sold in Ireland by Mitchell & Son Wine and Spirits, was always a 12 year old. It had been sweetened by the inclusion of a single pot still spirit that had matured in Spanish Malaga wine casks.

This Yellow Spot expression inspired by the original is also a 12 year and is blessed with the extraordinary rare taste that is produced by the bonder’s style Pot Still Irish Whiskey. This long maturation takes place in Bourbon barrels, Sherry butts and lastly, just like the original, in Malaga wine casks. This has resulted in a mosaic like spirit of exquisite complexity; fresh with beautifully sweet top notes.

First comes the fragrant aroma of newly turned hay and hammered black peppercorns, followed by spicy nutmeg, clove oil and fresh green tea. Sweet and bright, then the summer fragrance of peaches drizzled with golden honey.

That honeyed sweetness and pot still spice is ever present in the taste. Joined by an onset of flavors flowing over the tongue. Milled coffee beans, creamy milk, bittersweet cocoa and creme brûlée, red apples and toasted oak.

Elaborate and sophisticated the sweetness continues present right through the finish, mixing with red grape and finally upon exit by dry barley.