Xicaru Pechuga Mole 750ml


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Xicaru Pechuga Mole Mezcal

Xicaru Pechuga Mole Mezcal

Xicaru Pechuga Mole is made in Santiago Matatlan, Oaxaca. This mezcal celebrates the tradition of both mezcal pechuga and traditional Oaxacan mole.

Xicaru Pechuga Mole Mezcal is made by hand. The maguey is cooked in an underground stone oven, tahona-mashed, fermented in open-air pine vats, and distilled over a wood fire. Our mole negro is made from scratch over two days at our palenque, using molcajete-ground chilis, Oaxacan chocolate and other fresh ingredients. It is added to the still along with dressed chickens for the final distillation.