Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon


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Wyoming Whiskey Double Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Each bottle of Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey exudes sophistication, symbolizing a unique blend of uncompromising quality, unrivaled flavor, and a true taste of the American West. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or mixed in a sophisticated cocktail to make every celebration an unforgettable experience.

The journey begins with handpicked local ingredients, passionately transformed by our master distillers into a timeless masterpiece. The small-batch approach allows for heightened attention to detail, ensuring that every bottle retains a consistent and remarkable flavor profile that sets it apart in the world of fine bourbon.

As you pour the whiskey, its enchanting amber glow piques your curiosity, the prelude to an extraordinary tasting journey. The first whiff reveals the scent of warm vanilla, baked caramel, and a hint of ripe cherries, an olfactory invitation to the wild landscapes of Wyoming. A sip reveals an array of complex flavors – a delicate balance of sweet, spicy, and oaky notes, harmonizing in a smooth, long finish that will have you reaching for another pour.


dark amber

floral, with a hint of vanilla bean and caramel pudding

floral with brown baking spices and browned butter, vanilla crème, caramel, and a hint of cinnamon

light and smooth with vanilla bean and cinnamon spice filling the mouth cavity, hint of mint

medium length finish with toffee. Spice and vanilla fade.