Wyoming Outryder Whiskey


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Wyoming Outryder Whiskey

Immerse yourself in the wild charm of Wyoming with our Outryder Whiskey. Each bottle captures the essence of the rugged, breathtaking landscapes and the sheer freedom of the West, manifesting itself into an alluring blend that resonates with the ultra-luxurious lifestyle of its aficionados.

Crafted with devotion and precision, the Outryder Whiskey starts its journey with the highest quality local grains. Our master distillers artfully concoct this blend, focusing on a unique, rye-forward formula that sets it apart in the world of fine spirits.

In your glass, Wyoming Outryder Whiskey shimmers with a rich, deep amber color that is as captivating as a Wyoming sunset. On the nose, expect an enticing fusion of aromatic spices, toasted oak, and a hint of citrus, reminiscent of Wyoming's wide-open spaces. As you take a sip, a symphony of flavors awaits your palate – from bold rye and sweet corn to subtle hints of vanilla and caramel, culminating in a smooth, lasting finish that evokes memories of the untamed West.


copper to mahogany

pumpernickel bread with melted butter, honey aromas of beeswax candles with orange blossom pollen, and warm cherry cobbler

hot chocolate, yeast biscuits drizzled with dark molasses, honeyed hay, and roasted cumin in brown butter

medium viscosity with lots of caramelized wood sugars together with gentle rye spiciness

long and warming, with lingering flavors of maple syrup over French toast