Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon 750ml


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Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon

Gather 'round, you cowboys and outlaws, for the whiskey that tamed the Wild West is here—Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon. Brewed deep in the heartland where bandits roam and stallions gallop free, this high rye bourbon is as untamed as the frontier itself. One whiff and you're hit with the essence of rugged rye, a scent so powerful it could make a tumbleweed turn tail.

Now, prepare for a showdown of flavors. On the draw, peppery rye takes the lead, shooting sharp and true. But don't let your guard down; a posse of sweeter notes—caramel, vanilla, and a touch of honey—are quick on its heels, lending a harmonious balance to this wild ride. The finish? As smooth as a gunslinger's drawl, leaving a warmth that sets up camp and lingers 'round your insides. So whether you're a lawman or a rebel, make room in your holster for Wilderness Trail High Rye Bourbon—the true sheriff of flavor town.