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Wild Turkey Master's Keep Voyage Jamaican Rum Cask Finished 10 Year Old Bourbon

Ahoy, bourbon connoisseurs and rum fans! Embark on a groundbreaking journey with Wild Turkey Master's Keep Voyage Jamaican Rum Cask Finished 10-Year-Old Bourbon. This 106-proof marvel is no ordinary spirit. For the first time in Wild Turkey's rich legacy, this bourbon underwent a unique secondary maturation in Jamaican rum casks. It's a collaboration between two industry titans—Master Distiller Eddie Russell and Master Blender Dr. Joy Spence of Appleton Estate rum—and the culmination of over 80 years of combined expertise.

Open the bottle, and you're greeted with an intoxicating blend of aromas—caramel from Kentucky meeting tropical fruit from Jamaica. Now, take a sip. The classic spiciness of Wild Turkey bourbon rides the wave first, only to be followed by the rum-infused flavors of banana and molasses. This sensational finish ties two worlds together in a warm, spicy, and luxuriously sweet harmony. A true collector's item, this bourbon is not just a drink but an experience, encapsulating the mastery of two different spirit-making traditions.


Notes of vanilla, oak, and fruit give way to molasses, rum cake, and allspice

Sweet and creamy with notes of tropical and dried fruit, caramel and aged oak

A warm and long-lasting finish with chocolate, fruit and spice

106 proof, Jamaican rum cask finished 10-year old bourbon