Wild Turkey Master's Keep Unforgotten Bourbon


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Wild Turkey Master's Keep Unforgotten Bourbon

The Master’s Keep Unforgotten has a rich aroma that's so pleasant, you'll want to savor every second. The first taste of this special bourbon is a hit of rye-forward spice, which quickly gives way to a mellow bourbon finish with just a hint of oak char and vanilla. A real treat for bourbon aficionados, this bottle is highly aromatic, complex and slightly sweet with layers of corn notes and berry flavors that add to the overall experience.

A high proof, extra-aged variation of the harmonious blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskies finished in rye casks for a secondary aging period in the pre-prohibition Rickhouse B – the favorite rickhouse of Eddie’s father, Master Distiller Jimmy Russell.


Caramel, and sweet oak, complemented by flavors of dried fruit and honey

Fruit-forward with notes of caramel and oak

Black pepper and warm baking spices

105 proof, 13-year-old bourbon blended with 8- & 9-year-old rye, finished in rye casks