Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17 Year


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Wild Turkey Master's Keep Bourbon Whiskey

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Wild Turkey Master's Keep Bourbon Whiskey

World famous Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Bourbon introduces Master’s Keep an ultra premium limited edition release that should be taken rather seriously.

Experienced bourbon drinkers will know that Wild Turkey are renowned for their ethos of never taking short cuts. Not with ingredients, their yeast a top-secret formula which is handed down through generations....their water so pure and their grain grown and stored to the strictest of standards and procedure. Nor do they allow shortcuts during production where in Kentucky the weather provides ideal natural ageing conditions; cold winters and warm summers allowing the bourbon to mature to absolute perfection. The ageing of Wild Turkey is taken just as seriously; new American white oak casks are #4 alligator charred to deliver and enrich the bourbon with such an incredible depth in color and complexity of flavor.

The release of Wild Turkey Master’s Keep opens a new chapter for the distillery. Over long years Master distiller Jimmy Russell has bestowed his teaching to his son Eddie who now joins him making his debut as Master Distiller and placing his hand very firmly alongside his fathers at the tiller. The production of this extraordinary 17-year old bourbon exemplifying and paying homage to the Wild Turkey family heritage; a fathers conviction, the willful ambition of his son.

Hand selected by Eddie himself, this batch of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has been aged in rare barrels hand-picked by Eddie and chosen for the uniqueness of the flavor profile they impart. As these casks traveled between Wild Turkey’s wooden and stone warehouses over 17 years they've clocked up an incredible a 200 mile journey! This truly is a one of a kind whiskey the oldest ever released by the distillery delivering full-on flavor and an out-of-the-barrel drinking experience.

Beautifully presented and individually numbered, the angular glass bottle with its copper and wood styled stopper is a showpiece for the deep amber orange liquid inside. The long ageing is immediately apparent in the hue.

Poured into the glass, the aroma of caramel and vanilla abounds, joined by massive bursts of fruit and a background of aged-wood.

Full-figured, smooth and silky the flavors of butterscotch and caramelized butter begin the experience. In mid-palate come rich and abundant baking spices and fresh sawdust. It is youthful and exuberant which somehow belies its lengthy maturation. The finish is sweet, fruity, fresh with a surprising surge of spice and oak.