Wild Turkey Diamond 750ml


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Wild Turkey Diamond

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Wild Turkey Diamond

As rare as hens teeth, Wild Turkey Diamond is a very special limited edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon from Wild Turkey honoring the work of Master Distiller Jimmy Russell as he completes his 60th year with the company. Clocking in for work in 1954, he reportedly hasn't taken a break since. His son Eddie, following his father's footsteps is also an employee, and has had a hand in creating this expression, which cleverly combines whiskeys aged for 13 and 16 years.

The aroma is at once warm and comforting. Aged wood, caramel and vanilla. The taste is complex. It is slightly arid, leathery with tobacco and wood. It has a delicate char, which is sweetened by dark chocolate, vanilla and spice adding a beautiful balance as your mouth savors each individual flavor. Youthful at first, like Jimmy back in 54! the finish is sweet caramel, buttered corn and spicy vanilla which hint at the past. This is overtaken as aging wood and cigar box tones pull you forward. Reminiscent of the passing years, it is rich and lingering.

Aged for 13 to 16 years, this bourbon earned a score of 97 points from Wine Enthusiast.